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A dog survived a 250ft fall, almost the height of Big Ben, with no broken bones after plunging off a cliff as he chased a rabbit.

Norman, a one-year-old Weimaraner, had been taken for a walk along the White Cliffs of Dover when he suddenly darted off towards the edge after a bunny.

Owners Simon Spore and fiancee Jane Westfield’s dog was being walked by Miss Westfield’s 19-year-old son Josh as the couple went shopping Canterbury.

The next they heard was when Josh called them to say Norman had chased a rabbit over the edge of the cliffs and plunged 250ft in a dock service yard below.

Dock workers ran to the dog’s side and he was rushed to a local vets for treatment.

Norman suffered no broken bones, despite falling the huge distance – almost the height of Big Ben, which stands at 314ft.

Owner Mr Spore, 49, a prison officer from Dover, Kent, said he was “reeling in shock” when Josh called him to say his pet had gone over the edge of the cliffs chasing a rabbit.

“I was absolutely distraught. Josh was in total shock,” he said. “In my mind I was going back to retrieve a dead dog.

He added: “He was in a terrible state but no bones were broken, he just had lots of bruises and cuts and a punctured lung.”

After two nights in the vets last week Norman was allowed home and is now recovering.

A posting on Norman’s own Facebook page reads: “I’m feeling bit better today – I don’t want any walks ever again to high places.

“I love life and live life to the full….but I can’t fly.”


German authorities are hunting high and low for a kangaroo that escaped from an animal park near Frankfurt, with the help of a fox and wild boar.

Three kangaroos named Skippy, Jack and Mick on Saturday night bounded through a hole in the fence of their enclosure made by a helpful fox, Michael Hoffmann, deputy head of the animal park near Frankfurt, said.

One unadventurously stayed within the park grounds and was swiftly recaptured. The other two scrabbled to freedom through a hole dug by a wild boar under the park’s exterior barriers.

Vets snared one of the refugee pair after a long chase, Mr Hoffmann said, but the third had proved harder to track down.

The animal is no danger to the public, stressed Mr Hoffmann.

“He’s super friendly, super nice. Absolutely no danger at all.”

First Squirrels now FISH! Why do animals like KitKats so much?

A fish raised on Kit-Kats is being forced to give them a break after getting too big for his tank.

The fatso fish is named Gary, and he’s a 15.7-inch, 8.8-pound gourami, an exotic Asian freshwater fish that is considered a delicacy in Indonesia.

Gary was in the care of a private owner until he was donated to the SeaLife Aquarium in London after becoming too large, a common fate for many domesticated fish, according to center spokeswoman Rebecca Carter.

However, despite being supersized, Gary was not eating the normal aquarium fare he was being served. Officials were perplexed until they checked with the previous owners and discovered he had been raised strictly on a diet of Kit-Kat candybars.

“I have never heard of a fish being fed chocolate, let alone being brought up entirely on the stuff,” Carter said in a statement on the aquarium’s website. “Gouramis usually eat a diet of fruit but Gary doesn’t appear to have suffered any ill effects from his chocolate addiction. However, we would NOT recommend feeding fish confectionary of any kind!”

Aquarium employees tried to give Gary a taste of normal gourami food by stuffing Kit-Kat crumbles into grapes before shutting this chocoholic fish off cold turkey.

He’s not eating sweets anymore, but he is getting a taste of fame. The aquarium is now featuring Gary in an exhibit called “Tank Busters” that showcases a number of large fish that simply grew too big for their owners to manage.

ohn Costantino a aquarist based in Austin, Tex., says gouramis are notorious in the fish hobbyist world for getting too big for most owners.

“We call them ‘yo-yo fish’ and ‘boomerang fish’ because people will buy them and return them,” he told HuffPost Weird News.

Like Carter, he’s never heard of a fish who was sweet on chocolate.

“However, some people feed their fish cat food, baby mice or cockroaches just for kicks,” he said.

Nuts and berries – who needs ’em, eh? So says a sugar-loving squirrel snapped in a York park chowing down on a KitKat.

As anyone fond of the classic Nestlé snack will attest, the best way to eat it is by nibbling the chocolate off the sides before digging into the wafery goodness within – so extra marks to our furry friend for evidently following tradition.

The snack-happy critter was spotted near York’s Rowntree Park by an anonymous pensioner, who promptly relayed his findings to The Press newspaper.

More: Red squirrel does Saturday Nut Fever

‘It had come from the park,’ he said of the squirrel.

‘I saw it in a community garden and threw it a KitKat, and it just picked it up and started eating it.’

There have been suggestions the animal was drawn to the snack because the wrapper warned that it ‘may contain nuts’, but such speculation is, of course, impossible to corroborate.

Is it wrong to assume the little dude was simply having a break, like the rest of us?

A mysterious predator which devours adult ducks by pulling them beneath the water at a popular beauty spot has been nicknamed the “Lough Ness Monster” by locals.

The creature is believed to have killed at least three fully-grown birds at the lake, leaving only a smattering of feathers as evidence of the crimes.

Witnesses have so far been unable to identify the perpetrator, although pike, catfish and even mink have been suggested as possible culprits.

Local councillors are now warning schoolchildren not to go paddling at the site, and dog owners have been being asked not to let smaller animals swim in the waters.

One dog walker described her horror at seeing a mallard disappear into the water at Stonebow Washlands in Loughborough, Leicestershire, never to be seen again.

She said: “I saw two mallards and the female was flapping her wings. I thought she may be cleaning herself, but she was quite frantic and was going up and down. Next thing I knew she was gone.

“I went over to have a closer look. The male was still there and I was about 30 feet away watching him intently. I stood there for two or three minutes and then in a flash all that was left on the water was a few feathers.”

The number of ducks on the lake have dwindled since the killer creature started terrorising the area.

Now users of the lagoons are being warned not to go into the water and local schoolchildren have been told not to go pond-dipping at the site. Dog owners are also being asked not to let smaller animals swim in the waters.

Rachel Lee, 39, of nearby Woodhouse, said: “Whatever is in there must be pretty big if it is having ducks for lunch though – it’s got to be one hell of a beast.

“Its like something out of Lake Placid, or Jaws or something like that. Its exciting but joking aside, it’s a little bit concerning too. If its big enough to take out ducks, then a child could get hurt too.”

Roy Campsall, chairman of the Charnwood Wildlife Protection Group and a local borough councillor, said: “The number of ducks at Stonebow Washlands has been going down, and now we know why.

“It’s pretty scary actually. Whatever it is, it’s got to be a monster to take a fully grown duck.”

Mark Graham, wildlife development officer at Charnwood Borough Council, said there were no plans to hunt down the mystery predator. He suggested that someone may recently have dumped a large pike in the lake, which is popular with anglers.

He said: “Pike are a natural part of the ecology of our lakes. a native fish that have lived alongside wildfowl for thousands of years.”

A South African woman was so moved by the plight of the local white lion population that she has decided to live with two of them for a fortnight.

Jenny Schmidt entered the Lion’s den on March 25 in her native Limpopo, and will only leave to take the occasional shower.

During the next two weeks, Jenny will eat, sleep and spend her days with 18 month old male, Zuba and seven month old Cobra, two white Lions at the Mystic Monkeys and feathers Wildlife Park.

She made the brave decision to join the cats after discovering that hunters can legitimately shoot the lions, providing they can afford the £109,000 permit.

The white Lion is a significant animal to the local tribe, the Shangaan, who believe the cats are stars descended from heaven.

Although Jenny will be monitored and allowed out for a wash, she will keep wearing the same clothes so the Lions won’t think of her as a new arrival and potentially attack her.

She will live on ice cream and toasted sandwiches for the time being.

Speaking of her hairy encounter Jenny said: “Through this event I want to raise awareness with our youth about our heritage. The white lions are proudly South African.

“This is not a record attempt, so I will leave the enclosure whenever the situation dictates.”

A gifted goat, who waves a jolly greeting at people as they visit his farm, has turned his back on the chance to become the next Susan Boyle.

Story by Jo Steele – 12th January, 2010

Producers of Britain’s Got Talent have tried to sign Darren, an Anglo-Nubian goat, for this year’s show after he became a hit on YouTube and featured in Metro.

But his owners refuse to take him to auditions because appearing before Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden could be bad for his health.

Darren, eight, is a favourite at White Post Farm in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, where he greets visitors by climbing the fence and waving his left hoof.

BGT producers have phoned Anthony Moore, marketing manager at the farm, about a dozen times in recent weeks.

But he said: ‘It’s not our thing, it goes against the animal welfare standards we’ve set here. Making him wave in front of thousands of people would not be right for Darren.’

He said: “At first we thought it was a crank call. At the time we said we would think about it, but decided then that if it came to an audition we wouldn’t do it.”

Last week they rang to say saying eight-year-old Darren had passed the first round of auditions after producers watched a video of him on the internet.

Producers wanted Darren to appear at the live auditions in Birmingham next month.

But Anthony said allowing Darren to following in the footsteps of last year’s singing sensation Susan Boyle would be bad for him.

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