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Nuts and berries – who needs ’em, eh? So says a sugar-loving squirrel snapped in a York park chowing down on a KitKat.

As anyone fond of the classic NestlĂ© snack will attest, the best way to eat it is by nibbling the chocolate off the sides before digging into the wafery goodness within – so extra marks to our furry friend for evidently following tradition.

The snack-happy critter was spotted near York’s Rowntree Park by an anonymous pensioner, who promptly relayed his findings to The Press newspaper.

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‘It had come from the park,’ he said of the squirrel.

‘I saw it in a community garden and threw it a KitKat, and it just picked it up and started eating it.’

There have been suggestions the animal was drawn to the snack because the wrapper warned that it ‘may contain nuts’, but such speculation is, of course, impossible to corroborate.

Is it wrong to assume the little dude was simply having a break, like the rest of us?