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German authorities are hunting high and low for a kangaroo that escaped from an animal park near Frankfurt, with the help of a fox and wild boar.

Three kangaroos named Skippy, Jack and Mick on Saturday night bounded through a hole in the fence of their enclosure made by a helpful fox, Michael Hoffmann, deputy head of the animal park near Frankfurt, said.

One unadventurously stayed within the park grounds and was swiftly recaptured. The other two scrabbled to freedom through a hole dug by a wild boar under the park’s exterior barriers.

Vets snared one of the refugee pair after a long chase, Mr Hoffmann said, but the third had proved harder to track down.

The animal is no danger to the public, stressed Mr Hoffmann.

“He’s super friendly, super nice. Absolutely no danger at all.”

A kitten who got caught under the engine bay of a car survived a 20 mile journey escaping with only minor burns.

Four-month-old tabby Lola became wedged under the engine bay of the vehicle after she was chased onto the road by a dog.

Owner Vicky Rodgers, 58, heard a car screech to halt and ran outside, but neither she or the driver could see the cat and assumed Lola had run away to safety.

But Lola had become stuck under the engine bay of the silver saloon and remained there until the holidaymaker arrived at a campsite in St Austell – 20 miles away.

Lola, suffering burns to her paws and covered in oil, crawled out and was found three days later at Carlyon Bay Camp Site.

She was handed in to the local vet where Miss Rodgers had called the previous day attempting to find her

Miss Rodgers, from St Columb Major, Cornwall, said: “I heard the screeching of brakes outside and I feared the worst. The driver said to me ‘she’s under the car’, but we couldn’t find Lola anywhere.

“I searched the area, thinking she had sloped off into the fields, but there was no trace.

“I can’t believe Lola managed to hang on for 20 miles to a hot engine. Her feet are still scabbed over from the burns a week and a half later.”

Veterinarian Amy Hoddinott, 28, who treated the cat, said: “I thought she must have stepped on a hotplate because the bottoms of her feet were burned.

“She kept lifting the front left paw, which was really badly burned. The other three were only burned slightly.

“I gave her antibiotics and painkiller injections and treated the injuries with cream.

“She was so affectionate after the incident that I wanted to take her home. But she was very pleased to see her owner, as her owner was to see her.”

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